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Radio Theatre

“The Chase”: The Sandbox Artists Collective’s fourth episode of its wildly successful SANDBOX RADIO LIVE! to be recorded before a live audience on Monday, April 16 at 8:00pm at Fremont’s newest theatre, West of Lenin.

Entirely new, fresh and locally grown, Sandbox Radio is written, produced and performed by some of Seattle’s hottest stage talent. This latest episode, “The Chase” will include new original poems by playwrights Elizabeth Heffron and Scot Augustson, new short plays by Vincent Delaney, Ki Gottberg, Elizabeth Heffron and Juliet Waller Pruzan, plus Episode 4 of Paul Mullin’s noir-angel serial “Markheim”, original blues from Charles Leggett, and special guest chanteuse Joanne Klein. (photos by: Michelle Bates, John Uhlman)

Podcast available in iTunes and here: